What Do I Do?

I’m Ian Donahue, a Digital Designer focused on Mobile Design, UX/UI and User Centered design and services. I have experience working on projects with Fortune 100 companies, global design consultancies and local design firms. My strengths include digital design, front-end development, a drive to solve problems both large and small, as well as a passion for all things technology.

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Check Out Some Projects

Cengage Brain thumbnail graphic

Cengage Brain

User Experience & Web Design

Higher education students and professional institutions, purchase textbooks, digital solutions and other materials indicated by their instructors, how can the shopping cart facilitate this purchase? View Project

The Gent’s Guide to Style thumbnail graphic

The Gent’s Guide to Style

Interactive & Mobile

A Digital Toolkit for men who want to look the part in any situation. View Project

Ideation Framework thumbnail graphic

Ideation Framework

Web Design

View Project

Rich’s Products thumbnail graphic

Rich’s Products

Website Design

Gave a Series of Major Facelift for Rich's Websites as well as Social Marketing to Increase Rich's Online Presence. View Project

Holiday Shopping Kiosk Experience thumbnail graphic

Holiday Shopping Kiosk Experience

UI/UX, Visual Design

The One-Stop Shopping Experience gives customers much more flexibility and friend for of shopping. Customers can use a stand-alone FindMore system in malls to buy products and gifts during the holiday season. View Project

Feature Phone UI thumbnail graphic

Feature Phone UI

Mobile Design & User Interface

Redefining a mobile phones. An attempt to create design a feature phone smarter. View Project

Not Your Stereotypical S.O.D. thumbnail graphic

Not Your Stereotypical S.O.D.


The School of Design (S.O.D.) in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati offers a unique and exciting opportunity for college students. See what this School fo Design stand out amongst the rest. View Project

Makatewa District thumbnail graphic

Makatewa District

Web Design

An exercise in creating clearer communication with the parents, youth and adult leadership of the Maketewa District of the Boy Scouts of America. View Project

Motion Graphics thumbnail graphic

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Visualizing the Data and Statistics of Social Networking today. View Project

Samsung Designnovation Studio thumbnail graphic

Samsung Designnovation Studio

Product & Interaction Design

Designing for the future of mobile technology to inspire a more emotional connection with our community and loved ones. View Project

Hablaomos Juntos thumbnail graphic

Hablaomos Juntos

Print & Signage

A national design initiative to create a system of universal healthcare symbols View Project

The Game of Blackjack thumbnail graphic

The Game of Blackjack


The odds are if you go to a Casino, walking out with more money than you came with is going to take a little luck. "The Game of Blackjack" is the secret weapon for put the odds in your favor. View Project

CSSP Human Sense Symbols thumbnail graphic

CSSP Human Sense Symbols

Print & Signage

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 had an estimated 70 million vistiors, the CSSP required a visual symbol system created for this international audience. View Project

CSSP Corporate Pavilion thumbnail graphic

CSSP Corporate Pavilion

Exhibit Design & Environmental Graphics

The Shanghai World Expo asked its participants to imagine the city of the future with four simple words, "Better City, Better Life" View Project