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Feature Phone UI

Redefining a mobile phones. An attempt to create design a feature phone smarter.




frog Design

Project Type

Mobile Design & User Interface

Role & Responsabilities

Visual Design

Programs & Skills

Photoshop & Wireframing

Date Completed

February 1, 2010



Smartphones have gained mass popularity because of their ground breaking features and the ability to use a phone in a way that had never been thought of before. All the bells and whistles of a smartphone also carry a major price tag. What are the options for people who want a basic phone that isn’t the same as a phone the had in 2000? Well, there are none. Consumers are given one of two options, a phone that can phone calls, basic texting and very limited data features, or a phone that is as powerful as a laptop computer and with millions of apps.

Creating a Smarter Feature Phone

This was an attempt to design a concept UX/UI for a mobile phone with the basic features of a cell phone but given a little extra. This project was not an attempt to create a new smartphone, but instead to make your feature phone smarter.

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