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Makatewa District

An exercise in creating clearer communication with the parents, youth and adult leadership of the Maketewa District of the Boy Scouts of America.


Boy Scouts of American



Project Type

Web Design

Role & Responsabilities

Competitive Analysis, Branding & Web Design

Programs & Skills

Wireframing & Photoshop

Date Completed

September 24, 2009


After being approached by a member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) about a site redesign I spoke with them about what their needs were and what they wanted out of a site redesign. Luckily the gentleman who approached me also happened to be my former Scout leader when I was in Boy Scouts so our relationship was open and honest on what was possible and what was not. After much research on what a successful site consists of and what it doesn’t, then designing, getting criticism from the client and then redesign a number of times the end result was something both I and the client were happy with.


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