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Motion Graphics

Visualizing the Data and Statistics of Social Networking today.


Student Work



Project Type

Motion Graphics

Role & Responsabilities

Ideation, Research, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting & Production

Programs & Skills

Photoshop, Illustrator & AfterEffects

Date Completed

August 31, 2009


Social Flow

“Social Flow” is essentially a piece focused on Visual Communication Design. Instead of making a poster or print document we were pushed to creative a motion graphic piece that communicated could leverage motion, voice over and visual design. I took this as a personal challenge to create something that provided entertainment on a topic that many people may have never thought of before.

This project was done a couple of years ago before the idea of a company hiring a “Social Media Manager/Consultant” but now this is common practice. This pieces helps show even back then how much power Social Media in the information we saw online.

Killing Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson is a good friend, very talented and sometimes he makes me very competitive. We decided to make quick spoof on the idea of “Killing them with kindness.” Perhaps this pieces takes this a little too literally but it’s fun to try working on a motin project and this is a great excuse.

Kinetic Typography

This was my first attempt at a typographic motion graphic piece. The major areas of focus were intonation, timing, and visual representation of speech. The audio is from “One Flew Over the Cockoos Nest” is about a band of men who find theme selves in a mental institution for one reason or another. This audio clip takes place in during a “group therapy” session…

Pengyou Toys – 3D Animation

A motion graphics built an animated in Autodesk Maya. The fictional company “Pengyou Toys” is an asian toy manufacturer.

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