Not Your Stereotypical S.O.D. Hero Image

Not Your Stereotypical S.O.D.

The School of Design (S.O.D.) in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati offers a unique and exciting opportunity for college students. See what this School fo Design stand out amongst the rest.


University of Cincinnati



Project Type


Role & Responsabilities

Creative Director, Concept, Research, Friends in Class Modules & Interface Design

Programs & Skills

Photoshop, AfterEffects & Flash

Date Completed

October 5, 2009


Project Statement:

The assignment was to create something that educated people about design. My team was interested in educating high school students who may have interest in getting into design schools. We did a competitive analysis of all the different design college’s offerings nation wide and felt that they all offered an educational program with similar pros and cons. The design school that stood out most beyond location, rank and degrees was actually closer to than we would have thought. The University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) stood out amongst all the others as a unique program with its own unique opportunities.

Launch Project

The Game Plan:

The team felt that we needed to create an interesting experience that was not like many of the traditional online experiences many universities offer on their websites. We felt the DAAP’s program was one of the best because of two main reasons. First, DAAP’s School of Design is offers nationally top ranked programs and second, it leverages many of University of Cincinnati’s best attributes. These attributes include, Co-op program, a University setting, small classes and experienced professors.

Our primary goal was to illustrate all of these unique and standout attributes. Our other goal was to provide an in-depth look at the student’s perspective on their program, not a guidance councilor. We thought it would be a fun and interesting challenge we were excited to tackle. We decided to debunk the design school stereotypes and show the real life of a DAAP student; the good and the bad.


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