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Healthcare is a human right and one of the most fundamental needs for every human being. Qunomedical is building tools to enable people access to affordable, modern treatments.


Qunomedical • 2021

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Product Design
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Igor A. — Engineering
Luise W. — PM
Steve W. — Engineering
Tamas P. — PM
Ian D. — Design

Healthcare for Humans

Qunomedical • 2020 – Present


The right to healthcare includes access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality.

Today, anyone can travel almost anywhere within 24 hours if need be. However, an overwhelmingly large number of patients are not accessing the best affordable care that might be available elsewhere in the world – and the patients who do are either wealthy or depend on their own judgment to find the right care in the right place.

Qunomedical is focused on changing this. We want to empower patients to get access to the best possible care they deserve and can afford.


Medical care is complicated. Period.

Making informed healthcare decisions, affordable treatments, understanding prices, finding qualified doctors, and finding time to get treated are all huge hurdles for patients. Qunomedical wants to bring the human touch back to medical care and patients. Qunomedical offers a 1-on-1 experience to patients by leveraging a dedicated Patient Manager and technology platform.

My Role

Qunomedical has operated for over 5 years but never had a "Designer at the table" at the executive level. As Director of Design, I brought the voice of the patient into everything we did. I also pushed for the best patient journey. I reported directly to the CEO and we collaborate on the best patient journey, defined quarterly and annual product goals for growing and scaling the digital footprint, while focusing on the "patient-first" experience.

Beyond UX/UI product design, I focused on scaling our design systems, implementing design operations for the existing teams, and creating a unified branding and design language.

Day to day, I worked on individual products as well as building and maintaining our global design system. I managed and ran many user research initiatives and user testing of our new features and products.

Our Patients, the users

Qunomedical has supported over 10,000 patients through their healthcare journies. Patients' treatments include many medical treatment verticals including but not limited to, dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, in-vitro fertilization, gender affirmation surgery, and any other elective surgeries.

Treatment Location Pages

This is my favorite project so far at Qunomedical. While making it, it made me realize, Patients are humans and humans love to travel. Especially once COVID-19 is a little bit more under control and traveling begins to go back to normal.

Medical travel over the years has become common and many countries and cities are known for specializing in different treatments. Dental work in Croatia, gender affirmation surgery in Mexico, hair restoration surgery in Turkey. Medical travel isn't just about the time a patient spends in the clinic, it is about the whole journey. Why not offer patients a truly unique experience at scale? Why shouldn't patients combine the best of leisure travel and medical treatments? Treatment location pages served as a way to allow Patient Managers to offer recommendations of delightful places outside of the clinic.

Patient Booking

Qunomedical was able to service its patients quickly and with highly rated customer care, but scaling the business required digitalization. We could keep throwing more and more Patient Care Managers to support the growth but that wouldn't be scalable. So we began a full move to digitization.


Qunomedical was able to service its patients quickly and with highly rated customer care, but scaling the business required digitalization. We could keep throwing more and more Patient Care Managers to support the growth but that wouldn't be scalable.

Medical Forms & Patient Photos

Before any Patient can finalize a quote or book their treatment, our team of Patient Managers needs to review Patient submitted photos and get a full medical history. Before Qunomedical's platform, Patients and Patient Managers coordinated sending photos with any number of different, unmanaged systems included email, WhatsApp, and Dropbox links. With the new platform, we made it a mobile-first, easy, and quick way to submit photos. We also converted our old medical form system into an easy, multi-click form. Once received, Patient Managers can review in Salesforce and approve in seconds instead of minutes.

Post Booking

Our initial phase of booking was the "post-booking" portion of Qunomedical's digitization phase. Releasing Post Booking first, allowed Qunomedical's Patient Managers to focus on new patients, discussing treatments with existing patients, and troubleshooting emergency issues with patients. Post Booking allowed patients to manage their treatment, find questions to the answers, and review their travel details using the new Qunomedical Platform.

Die Anatomie - Design System

Qunomedical's design team was split between different departments and deliverables including interfaces, marketing landing pages, social media posts, promotional videos, patient documents, and much more. There was no single owner of the design system and we lacked a single source of truth.

My initiative at Qunomedical was to start developing a single design system, Die Anatomie. Die Anatomie, or Anatomie, ended up allowing all teams members to use to create consistent experiences for patients. Ranges of projects crossed all departments of Qunomedical. Die Anatomie was based on Brand Foster's Atomic Design principles and methodologies.

We like to know we are building useful cells (Atoms) and organs (Organisms) for non-design team members to use, each one able to control and slightly alter visual components in one way or another.


That's it for now, the ride on the time machine has ended. Thank you for joining me, and I would love to chat.

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